01 October 2007

You've Got To Be Kidding Me?! Or, How San Diego Ruined My Sunday Afternoon

Nice work Chargers, you buncha losers. I hope the Rockies beat the snot out of you to teach the city a lesson.

What's the lesson you ask? Stop losing to the Chiefs at home. I mean seriously. The Chiefs? I think i just puked a little. For those not able to hear my crys of sorrow yesterday afternoon, the Chargers lost and knocked me out of my Survival Pool. I knew i shoulda picked the Colts. Lame.

In other sports related news, I am in a bowling league and couldnt be more apathetic. It was kind of sprung upon me (as much as you can spring an 8 month bowling league on someone) and before I had a chance to back out, I was filling out my ABA Sanction card.

I am not a very good bowler but one would think that after 8 months of bowling every monday night from 6:30-9 that I would be like Pete F-ing Webber at the end...

...we can only hope.

My friends are funny. Please Click Here and Participate in Goofy Goodness.

Hockey starts for me on Wednesday Night as the Avs host the Stars for the home opener. Of course Q and non and I will be attending (look for us Way Up High). It should be interesting as the new Reebok Jerserys are literally falling apart at the seams.

Read all about it here

Lots of sports today so here's a link in the opposite direction

I am out of town starting on thursday and hopefully by wednesday of next week I will have exciting Balloon Fiesta pictures. Oh yes, it's my year baby!

Happy monday...


Lord, its only been 10min and i already have two things to update you on (As Q notes, "Nobody has as much time to screw around at work like you do." Honestly, it is more of a public service then anything else...so really I am like a hero)

First....Gross and Funny and Mean

and Second...I think my head just exploded while reading this headline, "Woman gives birth to own grandchildren"

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Anonymous said...

A kitten knocks around a ball of yarn, but what she is really saying is "Motherfucker, you know I can't knit."

That is one foul-mouthed kitten.