28 September 2007


Have you ever sneezed with your mouth open? Not recommended.

Yes kiddos, birdy has a summer cold. It hit at really a horrible time. I am trying to cram tons of work, a vacation, a show, and some hockey games into two weeks and really cant afford to slack off. Ah well, you take the good, you take the bad, you take em both and there you have the facts of life right? Right.

The Weakerthans show was last night and I am happy Q gently pushed me to go despite my whinning. It was a good show and I got to see my new favorite person ever. He looked like Napoleon Dynamite but with a rat tail (also curly!) and a puffy metalic Unicorn t-shirt. I shit you not. He was one of those cats that always pumps his hand in the air even if it's a ballad. Good times.

I wish I could write more but my head is filled with what feels like Jam. It is hard for me to concentrate so I will wish you a happy weekend.

Tweet tweet went the bird

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