13 September 2007


Training Camp for the Avalanche starts tomorrow. I am in that general area so I am hoping to bail on work in the next coming months and go to an avs practice. I have heard that they are fun to attend, though they certainly cant be any more boring then a Broncos practice...

Here's a link to a slideshow of the new Uniforms. They could have been worse but I think I am going to have to agree with the Uniwatch on this one.

No matter I am excited for hockey season!

Happy thursday



happy cynic said...

If I buy expensive tickets for the Dec. 9 game, will you go with me? It's my birthday, kinda.


Bird said...

You know it. Er...wait, how expensive are we talkin here? Ah hell, for your birthday, I'll be there!

happy cynic said...

Well, I'll pay for half of yours, cuz I'm talking 4th row. They're about $139 (I think) but dammit, it's my birthday.