26 September 2007


Certainly I have used that title before, right?

Anyway, in hopes of becoming a richer man or at least a more intellectually challenged man (too late!), I accepted a job with an environmental company working in the cultural resouces division. Archaeology is a harsh mistress.

I am excited about the new job because it looks to be the nice mix of some field work but more research, writing, doc production, GIS, etc. I am tired of slogging around the west not eating so i can save per diem. I had decided a long while ago that it was the only true archaeology job I would take and so, when they offered me a job about a week ago I figured it would be stupid to say no. I hope it proves to be as friendly as it sounds.

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happy cynic said...

Congrats on the new job! It sounds extremely promising. Let's pray they don't know anything about political office games. Cuz who has time for that bullshit?

When do you start? Does it come with benefits?