11 September 2007

Things I Dont Understand


Happiest of birthdays to Munpe Q last weekend.

I know that He Who Shall Be Unnamed is having a birthday soon as well but I cant remember the specific date (it has been 5 years) and he hasnt told me yet so...there you go.

The AIDS Walk went off with very few hitches on my part and I will have a blog about it soon.

Now...for an installment of Things I Dont Understand

Number 1
People who are so uncomfortable in their own skin that they have to talk on the phone, actually jumping from conversation to conversation, rather then just sit and read or listen to music, or not think. Who the hell can you call at such an early hour I wonder?

Number 2
People who smoke dope at 7:30am. I mean, i cant even begin to understand that. Just the idea makes me cringe.


Hope the week is going great for everyone!


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