23 June 2008

The Stars At Night are Big and Bright...

(clap, clap, clap, clap) Deep in the Heart of Texas...

I am off to Eagle Pass for more border fence fun.

The fence is in the news all over the place today. First, the Supreme Court rejected the case made by environmental groups to stop construction on portions of the fence that have already begun. Chertoff waived 30 plus laws (environmental, cultural, etc etc) so that construction could begin.

Second, the Times cover is about, "The Great Wall of America". I haven't read the article so i cant really speak to it. What i do know is that the US cover is about the wall that divides us but the cover for the Europe, Asia, and South Pacific editions are all about "The Games That Bring Us Together".

Q and i were talking about this idea of togetherness being sent across the world while at home Time talks about our divisiveness.

Eagle Pass should be interesting. The town itself is very anti-fence so I plan to stay low key...or as low key as I can get. Hopefully we will be in about out and wont have to drop any 1x1's. Cross your fingers...

Meanwhile, i will dispatch from the land of lincoln...no wait...the Lone Star State. You enjoy your regular afternoon thunderstorms and I will enjoy my 103 degrees and mild humidity.

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Munpe Q said...

I dropped a 1x1 the other day and could barely walk afterwards. In fact, I took a shower immediately just to shake off the remainder of the 1x1. Palabra.

The Happy Cynic said...

Dear God, please don't be talking about what I think you're talking about.


And Bird? Are you home yet?