05 June 2008


I hate seeing this...

But probably not for the reason you think. I have never been a red wings hater. I like the team and in general enjoy watching them play. However, red wings fans force me to root against the team.

Sadly, the wings have a similar fan base as the Yankees, Patriots, and Red Sox. Fans that just randomly pick a favorite team based on how good they are. These people have never been to the city or probably even the state in question. They prefer to stay in their midwestern homes and wait for the teams to visit their town so they can don the gear and go to the rink/field/park and be loud and obnoxious. They dont take the time to learn the history of the team, they dont care about the past and often dont even care about the sport.

I should say that all of these teams have plenty of fans that are knowledgeable and dedicated and have a history with the team. They can be respectful and very pleasant. However, I cant even count the number of red wings fans I've been around who dont know what the octopus is for. "I think it was just their old mascot or something..." Hockeytown indeed.

So, I am glad that 46 year old Chelios has another cup. I am happy that Zetterberg won the Conn Smyth. I like Osgood so I am okay with his winning, even though shitty ass Hasek will get his name on the cup again. I just wish that I wouldnt have to see retarded wings fans driving around Denver with Orange Crush and Native stickers on their freakin trucks and a red wings car flag hanging out the side window.

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