12 June 2009



Expect more of this as the summer goes on. I am expecting Sakic's announcement at any moment (You know I will be the first call he makes right?).


Game 7 Tonight on NBC at 6pm! Game sevens can be a lot of fun or really horrible. The Capitals can attest to that after pushing the Pens to a final game only to play like crap and lose 6-2. The Avs once lost to the redwings 8-0 (or something horrible like that) in a game seven.

Sadly, i dont think the Pens stand a chance, even though I would like them to win. And if their recent 5-0 loss in Detroit is any indicator of their play away from the Igloo, it wont be a fun night.

But, game sevens are not about the previous six games. It comes down to 60mins and any team can win, so lets get on the bandwagon eh?

Lets Go Pens!

~Blue lines and one-timers~


The Happy Cynic said...

Penguins win surprised you, eh? I'll bet you're doing a little happy dance right now.

But who the hell is this Sacco dude? His record isn't very impressive. Are the Avs just too cheap to put out for a proven coach?

Bird said...

They did surprise me. They played well, and I always believed they could beat the Redwings...I just didnt think they would. maybe it's the reverse jinx in action.

As for Sacco, I am not paying too much attention to his record. He only coached the monsters one year and it was only the second year in the league (they are brand new) so it is hard to tell what the issue is there. I like promoting guys from the lower ranks and he had more experience coaching that Granato did when he was first selected...not that it means much.

I am willing to wait and see how Sacco handles the whole thing...

The Happy Cynic said...

I wonder if it's summer that makes us just not want to post?