29 June 2009

Tables and Chairs and Rugs Oh My

I know you are thinking to yourself, "What the hell is wrong with bird? She usually can't shut her mouth and here we are at mid-July with hardly a post in the last couple months."

I have no explanation for it. Maybe it is the summer Happy Cynic...work has been busy (i was in Kansas...there were ticks). It certainly isnt that there is nothing to talk about (munpe q and i are getting married [exciting eh?!], the avs hired Steve Konowalchuk and Adam Deadmarsh [this made me happy], dead celebrities everywhere [not Billy Mays!], and annoying political issues [Bill O'Reilly lying, Obama doing stuff i dont dig]). In fact, maybe there is too much to talk about. I dont know. I have felt blah and so i just havent bothered. Sorry if you check out the blog hoping for a time waster at work and have been disappointed.

Today's big exciting news is that we bought a kitchen table and some chairs. Also a rug and some seat cushions.


In other exciting news. The Colorado AIDS Walk is earlier than ever, August 15th. I am not sure if we are going to create a team or just raise money individually but be on the look out for the 20-25 emails I send out asking for money (nah i tease, i only send out three or so). I am kinda bummed about the calender move. August 15th is still mighty hot...


Okay, that's all for now people. Too lazy to think of anything else to say. Perhaps I will find the strength to blog about America Day (quickly approaching). Perhaps a run down of my favorite 4th of july disaster movies they always show on tv. Like the only way we can join together as a nation is when we are nearly exterminated by aliens or rocks from above. Actually, that's probably true...

Happy monday

~lazy bird

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