13 September 2009

Donks and Musings

The season opener was sad and funny and sad all at once (yes, only two things).

The first play, a bungled punt return was a visual representation of what the entire season will be like. Whenever Orton trotted onto the field i watched the game through my fingers...yikes.

If anything, the crazy touchdown in the last 30 seconds just made me feel worse. Sure it was exciting but....if the Donks get a win, that's how it is going to have to happen all season long. So sad and funny.

Also, my fantasy football team has a new name, Dino Eats Jesus based on this photo

I will let you know how it goes. Right now, I have 169 points but he has a couple of players on Monday night so...
I get the Denver Post on Sat and Sunday because I am a sucker and when the kid came to the door to sell it to me I couldnt say no. I hate that crap...

Anyway, i hate getting the paper but am lazy (you noticed that already didnt you?) and havent called to cancel. Every week I remember why I dont like the newspaper... i swear there is no new news. Everything I had already read before, online or whatever.

But, today-finally- something I missed, though I am shamed to admit it. When did the Avs pick up Craig Anderson? Jeez, i stink! Didnt even see it. Burgundy White game is this Wednesday everyone. Pre-season opener on the 17th and the season opener and retirement of Sakic's jersey on October 1st.

Arent you glad I started blogging again? You're welcome America.


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