10 September 2009

Five Weeks?!

Wow, what kind of slacker am I?

Lets see, whats been going on.

Got married yesterday, watching football as we speak (yay, real football), am currently fighting my new companies discriminitory PTO policy, and am working on Vocab words for the GRE!

I've been busy but more than that....lazy. Not sure what is going on with that. I will try try to post more. Right now, brief alaska stuff.

Alaska was wonderful. I saw a buncha moose, like just hanging out in people's front yards peeing and eating the bushes. It was crazy. Also, five bald eagles. I wonder if it isnt as neat to see them if they are hanging out on telephone poles all the time.

Most importantly Q and non and I saw a buncha glaciers. We walked on one and took a boat to the other. It was freakin amazing and made me want to move there immediately.

Luckily Q reminded me of the winters and the lack of sun and so we arent moving but I will be going back.


Okay i am out. That's a lot for my first time back. I need to pace myself people!

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Bird of Paradise said...

Green weirdos think the ice caps are melting becuase of our SUVs and backyard BBQs becuase their insane and out of their little pea-sized brains