22 March 2011

Political Tête à Tête With Donald Trump

Guess what doesn't impress me? Your smug story about how you leased Gadhafi land in 2009 so he could attend the United Nations General Assembly meeting. You know why I am not impressed?

1. You said, "He paid me more for one night than the land was worth for two years,...." Wow...you're like a motel owner who jacks up the price of a room in the middle of a natural disaster. Impressive.

2. You then continue, "...and then I didn't let him use the land." It sounds like you really "screwed" Gadhafi. Oh, but wait...according to this 2009 story you didn't know the land you were renting to "Middle Eastern partners...may or may not have a relationship to Mr. Gaddafi." Hmm, so did you really screw him or did you get caught with your pants down and renege your short term lease when you realized a Libyan dictator would be staying there?

3. Speaking of that...how did you not know that Gadhafi was going to be staying there? Do you know many people from the middle east who travel to the U.S. and stay in a fucking Bedouin tent? Because I can only think of the one...

4. And that's the key right? You didn't discover that *gasp* Gadhafi was going to stay in that tent?! You pulled the deal when "State and federal politicians who learned that Gaddafi had rented property in the area were outraged..." One would think that you wouldn't need pressure from politicians to ask a Libyan dictator to pack up his tent if you were really surprised by his presence.

So there you go...you made a deal with a dictator, pulled out when you got caught, and then made a bunch of money off the whole thing.

Color me unimpressed.


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