21 March 2011

Reading Time

Here's something i like about science fiction books---with each novel you have to learn a whole new language. Each author has a new type of alcohol. A phrase for a common drug of the time. A new vehicle, a new race of people, a new technology that drives their world.

As a reader, it takes a certain amount of effort to jump into these stories. We are rewarded with a tale that is entirely of the author's making. It's easy to lose yourself in these stories-i think more so than others. Since every frame of reference in this foreign world is supplied by the author, the reader (in this case-me) doesn't over think the events, or the dialog. It's just as it should be and we have no reason to question it.

It's a nice change of pace...anything that lets my brain just sit back and enjoy is a good thing in my book.

~happy reading

P.S. Yes, Neuromancer is very good so far...thanks for asking.

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