16 May 2011

Books And Such

I am nearly finished with San Francisco Noir, a title that Q picked up for me from the oh so divine City Lights Bookstore (Thanks again Q).

The book is a series of short stories based in different SF neighborhoods, all dark gritty noir plots, and I was surprised to find that San Francisco was a good city for that style of drama. I have my own feelings about SF but it's never felt cold, cruel, and cynical to me. I'm pleasantly surprised by what the writers have done to familiar neighborhoods.

I find that the book is making me long to watch Double Indemnity, and The Maltese Falcon. To drink too much in a dark bar watching the rain make patterns on the window. I suppose it will be wise for me to move on to a less influential book eh? Up next...Uranium because yes, I'm that much of a geek; and Cold because I dislike summers an awful lot...


P.S. If you dig all things noir you really should check out the other titles from Akashic Books' noir series. You're bound to find a city you like.

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