19 May 2011

Mix Tape

I'm putting together a playlist for a friend. I love to do this, and depending on the circumstances for the creation of the playlist (for a loved one, for a road trip, for a family member's birthday, for a party), I find that I learn something new about myself each time.

On my iPod I have a playlist called 'happy.' I realized soon after creating this that, while these songs make me happy, they may not be ones I want others to hear. There are some great songs in there, but man I listen to some wretched stuff! I'm am pretty sure that no one else's wants to listen to the Spin Doctors....maybe a guy who was transported here from 1991(Sweet Fannie Adams---1991?!).

Putting together a playlist is now so easy. Hipsters who can write better than me have waxed poetic about mix tapes so I won't bother doing that. We all know, labor of love etc etc. What I find is that, regardless of the medium, I still have a insane desire to send along with the music an explanation of why I am including this song or the historic context of that song. It's like I am scared that it will get interpreted incorrectly when, in reality, I have no control over the listeners interpretation of the song. My memories, my feelings surrounding the song are mine alone. I'm not sure I can force the song to convey a certain feeling, no matter how much I would like to.

I guess while making this playlist I've learned that I should just relax and let the music say whatever it needs to say.

Dire Straits said it best, Why Worry?

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