21 May 2011


My brother sklimps cracks me up. Here's the text i got this evening from him...

"I'm in heaven with jesus, son! Me and kirk cameron. Raptured!"

Ahh...I am sad to see the rapture fun end. We can joke and laugh like it was no big deal but, Harold Camping convinced a lot of, well, simple minded but probably good intentioned folks into giving him a boat load of cash to "spread the gospel." Over 100 million in the last seven years according to at least one story.

People quit their jobs, gave away their possessions, dropped out of school so they could prepare for the rapture. Sure all those who would be left behind had a good laugh but some folks have more than just egg on their faces. It's hard to feel bad for them...but i guess these are moments when i think--Richard Dawkins is right when he rallies against the indoctrination of children and weak minded folks. This is why he calls for militant atheism. I guess its time more of us came out of the proverbial closet eh?

~tweet tweet~ goes the bird

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