15 August 2005

Design Rage

Just got back from the wedding of a good pal...Lammy-cakes and Ham. Honestly, it was one of the most amazing things I have seen in a long time. Oh yes, the flowers and the beer and the pies were all great but the actual ceremony was just so unique and really very touching. Anyone who knows me should be really impressed because they know I am dead inside...and if this touched me then regular folks would have died! Lammy-cakes and Ham, you two are very special people (not just in the short bus way either) and I love you both. Please...let me know what you want me to call you...I can see Lammy-cakes turning red every time I type her name!

Two Minutes Hate

So, just when I thought Denver maybe wasnt the complete middle of red-state/redneck Colorado (our mayor is very progressive...and there are so many nice smart people who live here) I see this article on the local news station webpage. Yes, horse meat. Really, is this something we need to be discussing? Most importantly, have I been eating horse meat and not knowing it? Should we discuss why we dont eat baby meat too or is that just being ridiculous?

I was sitting here...freshly washed and no longer smelling like sheep shit (it was a crazy wedding!)...laughing at the insanity that is modern politics when my stomach leapt into my throat. There, just below the horse meat story was Bird's worst nightmare. No silly, not pumpkin head's wedding anouncement...even worse!

"Colorado evolution curriculum could be evolving."
Yes, Intelligent Design in Colorado Schools. I forgot all about horse meat and weddings and a lingering hangover and angry bosses and the 90 Shilling I just opened.

Rep. Debbie Stafford of Aurora, an ordained minister says that "there is nothing 'about God,' nothing 'about religion' described in the theory of intelligent design." Oh yes well, you are right there Deb. There is nothing specifically mentioned about god. However, i think that when you say "Intelligent Design is simply the science of design detection -- how to recognize patterns arranged by an intelligent cause for a purpose" even dunderheaded high school students are going to ask two questions. One-who designed it? Two- for what purpose? If you ID folks can answer those questions without mentioning religion or god...be my guest.

This whole thing scares the bejesus out of me. At what point is this religion shit going to end? When are we going to stop with the "this country was built on on christianity" and remember that we left England so that we could have freedom of religion. That the founding fathers set up the separation of church and state to prevent these kinds of things. To prevent prayer in schools. To prevent the teaching of genesis in the classroom. If you feel strongly about evolution, be a parent and talk to your kids at home about what you believe in. No one, not even me, is trying to prevent you from believing in your god, whomever that may be.

I am at a loss now as to what to do. Obviously I need to get involved...how is something I havent figured out yet...it is coming though...


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