05 August 2005

October Waiting

After a couple of days letting things sink in I am feeling better about all things hockey. As a fan, your initial reaction is to say "No, not Peter! We love Peter!! Foote? Hey, he is great--come on...there has to be someone else you can loose right?!"

However, like any good fan who hasnt beaten their loved one to death with a claw hammer, I have calmed down. Gotten over the initial sadness and am feeling much better, thanks for asking.

The Avalanche still have a competitive team. They still have a core of guys that play well together. Many other teams would love to have a Hejduk (sign those papers boy!), Tanguay, Sakic and Blake. With Forsberg gone, both of the wingers will get more time and that will help them develop as players. Also, perhaps Quenneville can coax something out of Pierre Turgeon. He has to pick a new jersey number so maybe that will help.

It is a new team, a new NHL, and a new season. I can hardly wait.

Oh yes, almost forgot

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