03 May 2006

Security Rage

I am feeling better...better then cat puke that is for sure. The avs moved into the second round of the post season, despite my prediction. I am happy, still a little stunned, but very happy. In addition, the Red Wings lost to the Oilers, ending their post season in the first round, again. Now, I am not like most avs fans that hate the red wings just for the sake of hating them. I like Detroit because they are a good team and games against them are always good. That being said, it is always nice when an 8 seed upsets the Presidents Trophy Winners. Check out the Avalanche Forum for more fun hockey talk.

Two Minutes Hate

Q and i were sitting down to a nice late dinner at La Cocinita, my favorite mexican place for the moment. This isnt some chic downtown joint, this is a dodgy building near my house. The seating is strange, the cleanliness is questionable, and the food is very good.

Sparkling conversation is happening (as is always the case when I am around yuk yuk) when we notice three guys wearing bad sport coats standing near the door to the patio. They look completely out of place. I was thinking that at first they were bad politicians trying to eat at an authentic mexican place because of the rally that just happened. Then, Q notices that they are wearing ear pieces and seem to be talking into their sleeves. Security?! Awesome! That must mean someone "special" is near by!

They checked out the place, the bathroom, the kitchen...then went outside. Q saw some people head out that way but didnt see anyone he could put a name to. We ate our meals when they came, and continued to notice 6 different guys coming in and getting food to take outside. Obviously carying guns, looking like dweebs. How strange...at least 6 different security guys? Whoo hoo must be someone very special.

With six guys walking around you would think they would have noticed the kid wearing a SNIPER tshirt. SNIPER...DONT TRY TO RUN, YOU WILL JUST DIE TIRED. Nice shirt kid.

Q and i eat, pay our bill and head outside. I glance over on the patio and recognize no one. Hmm...strange. And out in the parking lot, just standing around chatting were our 6 security guys, plus 3 others. Adding those 9 to the three eating on the patio and you get...12

12 fucking guys with guns and ear pieces, one drinking a yoohoo and one talking on his cell phone! I tried to get Q to run them over just to see what would happen but he wasnt biting.

Seriously, you unnamed diner. Get a grip on yourself. Does the Prez even walk around with 12 gun-toting yoohoo drinkers?

happy wednesday

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Jackie said...

I <3 that restaurant. Best chips EVER (and, according to mi madre, the best tostadas ever!). I'm jealous that I up and moved away and am forced to eat crappy mexican food now.

I don't hate Detroit either. But I do hate Dallas, just for the sake of hating Dallas. ;D