30 May 2006

Such Much

For Christs Sake...it has been so long that I dont even know where to start.

First off, I have a new insurance agent and i am thinking that she is the best thing since sliced bread. I am almost hoping that I have to file a claim just so that I can get some genuine help from her. Well, maybe not but I must say, if you are in the market for a new insurance agent let me know and I can pass her information along.

Second off....that isnt right huh? Anyway, we are hiring at my library and I am sitting in on the interviews. This means that I get to read through all the applications and man, some of them are doozies. Check out the objective that one prospect included, "I am seeknig a position that fulfills my need to work hard towards tangible objectives" Wow...that is all i can say you know?

Third of all (that really isnt right) I am a poet and i didnt even know it. You dont believe me? Perhaps the folks at poetry.com can set you straight. Yes, go there my friends and type in my godgiven name and you shall see the beauty that is...

Deep Ellum

Indebongu must fire solo
Alas, the kalers will not
Reoh just pulled down
and the com will clot
Sar Casm removes the pain
and the clue is found
Papa is looking for seams
And bravo against the clamp
chew with your skull cave
while remaining silent

Wow...that is just breathtaking right? According to the papers i got from the folks over at poetry.com, my poem was selected on the basis of "my unique talent and artistic vision." They feel that I have "a special talent" and they look forward to the publication of my poem in Immortal Verses. Oh snap, a published poet! Yes friends, birdy is really stepping up in the world.

The best part about all this is that I get to submit an artists profile to be published along side my poem. My profile can include my "motivations, the meaning poetry has in my life, the story behind my poem, or my personal philosophical point of view." Wanna help me? Post a comment and I shall send it in. Did i mention i could buy the book? Yes, yes of course I forgot that little bit.

The best part of the poetry thing is that while looking through the aforementioned job applications I came upon one that was, honestly, one of the worst i have ever seen (this is coming from the fowl who saw a vita that mentioned how the writers' parents read him archaeology books in utero, thus, he was an excellent archaeologist). Not only was it cheezy (Skills: Literature) the applicant mentioned a couple of places that he had been published, one being Sacred Words or Timeless Memories or some craptastic publication from the folks at poetry.com Ahh, nothing like feeling shame for some poor schmuck.

And with that, i must go.

Peas to you all


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