12 July 2007

IAT Tests

I am currently reading Blink by Malcolm Gladwell. I highly recommend it and am only 96 pages in.

In it, he talks about IAT, or Implicit Association Tests. Here is a link to Harvard IAT tests. I took the race, weight, and presidential tests. Turns out my subconscious doesnt hate the prez as much as it may appear. Also, i dont like fat people* or black people*.

Wow, your mind gets blown every day eh?


*This is completely untrue but you need to take the test and/or read Gladwell's book to find out why. Honestly, know that I have no ill will in writing that...

1 comment:

Munpe Q said...

Since I'm both fat and black, Bird will most likely be back on the market for you skinny crackers to take a crack at.