11 July 2007

Reasons That I Hate

Some people wonder why I am so filled with hate. Sometimes i have a hard time coming up with a reason myself...

...And then I read that "the parents of a 16-year-old girl who recently married a 40-year-old former high school coach have filed a lawsuit against the Brunswick County Board of Education, saying school officials failed to protect their daughter."

I read this story when it first broke on CNN. Mostly thinking, "gross-I could never have married any of my high school teachers." At the time it was reported that the school district investigated and couldnt find any proof of a romantic relationship even though the girl and the teacher were calling each other etc. Now, I agree with the parents that maybe the school district didnt do quite enough (as for suing? I dont know...i think we sue enough if in this country) However...the interesting bit comes at the end of the article...

"The Hagers have said they reluctantly signed a consent form allowing their daughter to marry her coach."

Um....what? You are mad because the school district didnt do enough but you are okay with your daughter most likely marrying a child molester? You think that it is wrong for a girl to mess around with her coach-unless they are married? You think your 16 year old daughter is honestly mature enough to decide that she is in love with her fat balding middle aged track coach? (I dont know that he is fat and balding but most of my high school coaches were so I am just assuming...)

Fuck, I got married at 23 and wasnt mature enough...

Do you think they want the $20,000 they are seeking for their daughter or for really great NASCAR tickets?

Hey Dennis and Betty Hager of Oak Island, NC....you make me sick.

~Tweet tweet~

PS i updated my other stink blog fyi

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