02 July 2007

'O Canada

Happy Canada Day to our brethren up north.

To celebrate I thought it would be nice to discuss all things Canadian; excited? I thought you would be.

Lets start with the national anthem.

O Canada is one of the best national anthems ever. The link above will take you to an mp3 as well as the lyrics where you will find that the line is not, "We stand on god for thee" but in fact, the more sensible "We stand on guard for thee." Sensible Canadians. This could be unpatriotic but I like their theme song better then our theme song. It isnt that I hate America but we have too much going on in the Star Spangled Banner...and seriously, who uses the word spangled anymore? I promise to fit it in as many times as I can for the America Appreciation this coming Wednesday...

Now...because i am lazy, lets move right along to hockey, Canada's national pastime.

Free Agency opened yesterday and already there have been some big moves. Most notable, the Rangers are going to be good next year. They managed to lure Drury away from Buffalo and Gomez (who I find particularly vexing) from the Devils. The Red Wings lost Mathieu Schneider to the defending champ Ducks. It surprises me that Detroit didnt try and lock up a guy like that. He is getting older (17 or so years in the league) but his numbers still look good. Kariya proved that he doesnt really care about winning a cup by signing a deal with the St. Louis Blues. However, most importantly for Av fans is the signing of Ryan Smyth from the Islanders and Scott Hannan of the Sharks. Smyth is a gritty left winger who plays with some toughness in front of the net. He's a leader and since we signed him to a five year deal I would imagine that he will play that role when Joe Sakic retires after this coming season. Next June you will remember this blog... Hannan is a stay at home defensemen who doesnt score alot but plays tough. At 28, he is a young Adam Foote, someone we have sorely missed.

To follow the rest of the off-season moves check the ESPN Free Agent Tracker.

And now...because of the sandy vag here is a photo...

I'm Out

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