30 July 2007

Oh. My. God.

I have been sitting on four stories that I wanted to talk about and i think today is the day I finally get to them, Lucky You.

#1 Critics say 'Oh no' to Halo
It seems that the Mount Prospect Public Library in IL hosted a Halo tournament for kids and some parents/patrons were upset because of Halo's mature rating. What i thought was interesting was that the library hosted it at all. Having worked in a public library within the last year, I am well aware of how many people come to the library to do everything BUT pick up some books. Having sex in the stacks (near the TCP/IP books actually), getting high in the bathroom, printing out photos of half naked women, all fine and good but reading? You are out of your mind! 95% of the kids are checking their myspace accounts, emailing their friends sitting right next to them or trying to download Halo and play. Librarians think, if we get the kids in the building then maybe they will read which is why DPL has the newest DVD's and tons of trashy magazines. I assume this is why the Mount Prospect library hosted the tournament in the first place...but I hate to break it to them, it doesnt work.

#2 Pope Benedict admits evidence for evolution
So, I totally support the Pope on this. Can you believe that me of all foul is saying that. But this is what I am talkin about people! Why cant we have it both ways? Why do people think that science is trying to kill god? Why cant the two go hand in hand. I disagree with the articles' author when he says, "His comments appear to be an endorsement of the doctrine of intelligent design." ID is a crock of shit and is just a clever way to say evolution doesnt exist. Dont be fooled by it folks. I feel like the pope was saying, maybe god put all this science into motion, the big bang, evolution etc. I have very intelligent, hard science pals who think this is what happened. I have no issues with people who feel that way...but to just ignore the obvious kills me.

#3 Cairo toe earliest fake body bit
Neato, a fake toe! It comes with a photo too!

The toe dates from between 1069 and 664BC. That is one old toe, eh? They are going to test the functionality of it by testing it on people now who have lost their right toe. Solid...

#4 In Pictures: The Strangest Sights in Google Earth
This article has been floating around a bit but I pulled it off of Fark.com How cool those google guys are right? If you havent played around with google earth you should. Q has a neato story about it...and perhaps he will share it with you. Anyway, just a neato set of photos that just goes to show ya, you never know who's watching.

Hope your monday is just peachy.



Munpe Q said...

Honestly folks, I don't know what story that would be. I'm out bitches!!


Bird said...

Maybe I was getting Q mixed up with myself. My sister lives in San Francisco and on googles' new Streetscape she can be seen standing out in front of her house talking to someone whom we assume is my nephew. She looks like a crazy homeless woman.