06 August 2007

The Asterisk

How disgusting is Barry Bonds.

Saturday Night Bonds Tied Aaron's record with blast number 755. Sadly, no one listened to me when i suggested that every team just walk the mother fucker every time he is at bat. I am just sickened by Bonds, the stupid fans who support him and Selig for letting it get to this point. Now ESPN is reporting that Selig himself wont even make it to the next 3 giants games. You know that if it wasnt a juiced up player breaking the record Selig would be there. Of course he would. Selig didnt even celebrate when Bonds hit the tying homer.

It just makes me sick because the home run record should be unbeatable. 755 home runs is just tremendous and players should be fighting it out for second and be happy with that...(see Mark Messier who was thrilled with 1,855 points in 1,756 games second behind Gretzky's 2,856 points in 1,485 games.)

But no...instead we have to sit and watch an ungrateful, lying, cheating douchebag break the record and debate as to what the league should do about it. And for what? His legacy? Bonds has to know how people feel about him. How players feel. It is just gross to watch.

So, i guess I will say it again...walk the mother fucker.

If you would like to watch the game, see the horror live, you can catch the giants and the nationals tonight on espn2 at 10pm ET.

The Sports Guy agrees with me so I must be right, eh?

Q: If Bonds had hit No. 756 on the road, would the mood have been similar to when Chong Li killed that guy in the Kumite in "Bloodsport"?
--Matt G, Boston

SG: Right down to the swollen body and the oversized head. Look, I know it makes me a racist that I didn't want an ornery African-American baseball player who I believe cheated over the past nine years to break a record held by a dignified African-American baseball hero who didn't cheat, but still …. I thought it was appalling that (A) people weren't more appalled, and (B) a team going ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE like the Nationals didn't intentionally walk him every at-bat for three games just to make a point for the rest of the country. Nobody took a stand against Bonds this season -- not Bud Selig, not MLB, not the TV networks, not the opposing players or managers, nobody. Not one person stepped up. Everyone was secretly excited to see it happen. And by the way, I include myself because I probably watched 95 percent of Bonds' at-bats live the past three weeks. Now I feel dirty.


Just another opinion said...

Do you really care about Barry Bonds? We all know he juiced, and everyone will remember. What I want to know is that why more Americans know how many homeruns Bondshas hit than know: how many soldiers have died in Iraq, the amount of the national debt, or even who their elected officials are. I for one say screw Barry, and let's stop talking about him...we're helping make him famous and that doesn't help anything...lets support the hard working players who don't cheat, and by god remember it is just a game.

This record too shall be beaten!

Bird said...

I suppose you're right JAO. I can certainly stand behind people paying more attention to the world around them and less time to the antics of Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton.

As an aside...If you do need help figuring out who your elected officials I have links to the house and the senate on the right.

You are also correct that "this record too shall be beaten!" My guess is A-Rod in 5 years.

Book it.