17 August 2007

Happy Birthday

The Compact Disc was first mass produced 25 years ago in Germany. Those crazy Germans, no one will ever replace all their cassette tapes!

I am sure that the first cd i ever purchased was from that BMG music club. I was so totally into that. Signing up under multiple names just to get the initial 12 discs for the price of one deal. I was buying classical cd's at the time because that is how lame of a teenager i was. I remember buying elvis costello and a grateful dead collection as well as a beatles best of. I kind of wish I was more forward thinking so that I would have maybe jotted it down in a diary or something. Sadly, most of my middle/highschool stuff was chucked when my pops up and moved the summer i was riding around on the bus. I am sure if I had noted my first ever cd purchase it would have been thrown away with the rest of my childhood memories. Ah well, that is a story for a different day.

Happy Friday everyone!



Munpe Q said...

My first music distribution device was not a CD but a cassette, for my 13th birthday I believe.

Run DMC - Raising Hell

Featuring classics like "Peter Piper", "My Adidad", and "You Be Illin'".

You'll still catch me using the line "You be illin'" to this day.

Run DMZ and Jam Master Jay!

I also got a pair of red underwear, which my parents thought was hysterical, I hated them because I got the instant boner when I put them on. Not a good memory. I need therapy over that one.

Bird said...

Why did you get a chubby when you put them on? Was it the excitement over the Run DMC tape or the color red?