23 August 2007


I just sent an email hoping to get a Zamboni Driver job.


I am a supreme long shot but I also love rejection so either way it is a win-win.


Anonymous said...

Did you score this most glorious job? If not, please post the content of your rejection letter.

Bird said...

Ah yes Anon...glorious indeed. As of yet I haven't heard anything about the zamboni job. In my head I picture a haggard, angry zamboni driver check his email everyday hoping for someone, ANYONE, besides this...fowl...to show an interest in the job. Sadly Mr. Angry Zamboni Guy, I was born for this position and I also flagged your craigslist ad as spam/overpost so that no one else would see it. See...meant to be

Of course, I have to concede that there is a possibility of me not getting the position and yes, if I do get a rejection email I will post it for all you schadenfreude's out there.

Anonymous said...

What would you REALLY like to do? Do you have any hobbies? THere must be something that you enjoy doing. Who cares about Zamboni guy? And by the way noone likes to be rejected...I think you are angry at yourself. Maybe you are too hard on yourself. Certainly, you deserve better. Finding your true purpose will cure your anger.

Bird said...

Actully anon, the anger thing is mostly a red herring..but thanks for you worries. No fear, birdie is very happy. And to answer your question, I would REALLY like to drive a Zamboni. I love zambonis...stick around a while and you'll pick it up.