16 April 2008

Arrogance and Elitism Revisited

Q said it best last night..."The Dems are being really nasty to each other."

As I am sure you have all heard, Barack Obama made comments at a private fundraiser in SF that were leaked by a blogger (silly blogger!). In a nutshell, Obama said that rural and working class folks were bitter about economic issues and in their frustrations turned to religion, anti-immigrant and gun issues. Clinton and McCain called Obama out of touch and an elitist.

Here’s the thing…it’s fucking true people. I have lived with the rural and working class (I think I am working class…is that a pc way to say poor?) and when they get frustrated by government they fall back on “their” issues which are often guns, illegal’s and god. Everyone does this…you get mad at the gov for the complete fuck up of the last four/eight years and you get in touch with the issues that are really important for you. That could be environmental stuff, abortion (or lack thereof), free trade issues…whatever you consider important. We all have these core issues that are very important to us as people. Very often, for rural and working class those issues are guns, god, and illegal’s.

I don’t think Obama should have said it, or at least not around reporter types but I don’t think it is wrong or a sign that he is totally out of touch with “the little people” or whatever you want to call them. In fact, it seems spot on to me.

Now, to get to Clinton and McCain’s comments…yes he is arrogant and elitist, and so are you. Hillary, you made how much on your book? 20 million…yeah me too! McCain, you spent five years where? Me too…how strange.

You guys are nothing like me. Not one little bit…and you shouldn’t be. Who the fuck would want me as President? I have said it before and I will say it again, I don’t want an average joe for prez. I want someone much smarter than me. Much better in every way. I think we have seen what “a guy just like me” gets ya and it isn’t so hot. Hillary, stop throwing back shots

and talking about your experience with shooting guns. Everyone stop trying to relate to me. If you are smart you will completely understand how hard it is to be underpaid, with mounting debt and facing a job loss. And seriously, everyone stop bowling.

Also, arrogant? Fuck yes Obama is arrogant. Obama and Hillary and McCain and anyone who thinks that they can represent 303,868,256 people. You have to be arrogant and you should be. Can you imagine a wishy-washy prez? Someone who doesn’t have the confidence to bomb a nation if it is needed? Jesus christ people, wake up.