10 April 2008

The Saints Go Marching In...*UPDATE*

There is a Patron Saint of Birds...

St. Gall, the irish hermit. How appropriate.

There isnt really a PS for Bowling...

Usually St. Christopher get's the job however, details about the guy are extensive but suspect. He carried a very heavy baby jesus across a river, which I guess kinda relates to bowling as some babies and my bowling ball weighs 12 pounds.

I guess I didnt really make it clear as to why i needed to know about the Patron Saint of Bowling.

As I have mentioned before, I am in a bowling league with Q and the K's, and the very last game is this coming monday. As it stands now, our team, Team 15 is in first place. Pretty astounding since I am such a miserable bowler. To stay in first place we need to play very well on Monday night. You know how well I do when the game is on the line right?

Wish me luck...


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