23 April 2008

Deal or Would You Like Me to Put You Out of Your Misery?

hmmm....I dont know...hmmm. I will have to say...hmmm...Poke out my eyes!!!!

Q and non and I are done with dinner, kinda surfing channels before bedtime, and we come upon Deal or No Deal. You know that stupid show that is very popular and forced every other channel to air their own lame prime time game shows (Are you smarter than a fifth grader? Why yes, I believe I am).

I was thinking, am I the only one who actively roots against the contestants? I pray for them to get really close and then blow it all. And I hope that someone hits Howie right in his stupid flavor savor mouth.


That sound you hear? It's me turning the channel.


Hercules Rockefeller said...

Is that your....Ultimate Response?

The Happy Cynic said...

I HATE that fucking show. How is it still on the air?