01 September 2005

Can I Take Back What I Said?

I know i can be heartless but still, even i am astounded by the destruction of hurricane katrina. I am also a little disappointed in us as people. I cant even imagine what it is like in Louisiana...but what is the deal with people tipping over ambulances? Who are the people looting electronics during a situation like this? There is no power, no gas, no water, no toilets, no pick up of dead bodies and you are picking out your next television set? People are setting fires and roaming the streets with guns...honestly, arent we all supposed to be better then this? Isnt this when we are all supposed to come together and work hard and rah rah rah? When the police have to stop search and rescue operations to make sure that violent looters dont take over the town, isnt that a sign that something is wrong?

Would this happen everywhere? Is it human nature? Is it just American? What would the canadians do (as an aside, i am going to make myself a WWCD t-shirt...)?

What would you do if the government, local or otherwise, told you to leave your house. Go to Invesco Field, the Pepsi Center. Wait there until the storm is over. Would you go? Would you try to wait it out at home? What if there was no electricity....dead bodies floating in the water. Your food is gone. Your water is gone. You have no way to get in touch with your family or friends. You're sick, you need oxygen. You're hurt. You saw a friend/neighbor/stranger die. Would you push someone out of your way to get the last bottled water? Would you steal food from a store so your family could eat. At what point do you make the jump to taking a gun, for protection. Taking a generator, taking a life.

For donations:
American Red Cross

Looking for family or friends:
The Next of Kin Registry

I am hoping to hear from a highschool friend who, last time I spoke with him, was attending Tulane. I have a picture of us by Lake Pontchartrain..he once said to me, "If New Orleans ever gets hit by a big hurricane or the Mississippi really floods we are totally screwed. Surrounded on three sides by water. We sit below sea level. And there is only one little bridge to get us all out."
Good thoughts to you Andy...


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Anonymous said...

The desperation pushing people is one thing; stealing food, water, medicine, I totally get. I'd probably do that. Maybe even threatening others with a weapon to ensure that your loved ones get what they need. I hope I wouldn't do that, but I can understand the desperation.

But this morning, a Chinook military transport helicopter had to withdraw from evacuating refugees because it was taking GROUND FIRE. What the FUCK is this? A U.S. military unit is attempting to help people, and you're shooting at them. What is your best-case scenario here? Knowing that you've killed people trying to help before you yourself drown? Force them somehow to land, commandeer the helicopter, and die in a fireball when other military units come after you?

Would all of us react not as well as we would like in desperate times? I think so.

Would all of us pointlessly lash out at people trying to do nothing but help? I hope not.