18 September 2005

Football Commercials

So, i should be packing but I'm not. Big surprise to anyone who knows me. I am queen of the procrastinators. I wrote my undergrad honors thesis in a weekend. I totally suck...

Anyway, i had to watch football....for my fantasy team right? Right...

As we speak, I am up by two points..mother-fucker. I drafted so poorly.

Also, I have things to do like, blog about commercials I liked while watching football this afternoon. Yes....priorities people!

First-- The King Scores! Honestly, I nearly wet my pants everytime i see this one.


Second-- Southwest Airlines...that guy chucking a pineapple at the little checker boy? Goddamn if I didnt pee a little.

Ahh good times. If I have to sit through a thousand commercials during a game (is it just me or do they seem to cram even more in than usual?) I am glad these two exist.

For those not in the know, I am off for a month. I plan on dispatching from Ely Nevada when I can. The site is near the BHP Copper Co's Robinson Project. The works are claimed to be the world's largest re-mining operation. They say those machines can run over a truck and not even notice...as a safety precaution they are making us wear steel toe boots....i feel much better.



Dr. Suspicio said...

Good luck, la regina di temporeggiamento.

And if one of those big thingamajigs runs you over, you kick that som'bitch.

Anonymous said...

What pisses me off is the following exchange;

commercial --- kickoff --- commercial

There's another one of those Burger King commercials with the King in it. It's the crazy ass over-the-head play that Randy Moss made against the Donks two years ago, except Moss pitches it to...thats right, the King!

Funny shit.

RichArab said...