02 September 2005

I Love This Man

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin's radio interview:

The only guy who seems to understand the situation.


Hugo Winterhalter said...

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Bird said...

Yes Hugo...i had to delete his comment.

How dare someone desecrate our blogs with a comment about hair removal or car loans!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I'd be mad at the feds, too. But Jesus, you're the mayor of the city! Why didn't the city have an evacuation plan in place? Why didn't the city prepare the Superdome as a proper shelter (ensuring that it had food and water and toilets and generators)? The city has a school system, right? So why the hell aren't there school buses lined up to haul people away?

Not only did the city police fail to stop the TV-snatching when it could have been stopped, but some of New Orleans' finest were caught looting right alongside the bad guys. Now there's something to be proud of.


Dr. Suspicio said...

Some of the police were caught looting, yes, but I think that overall, the police there did a lot of stunningly good things in this past week.

It's not easy being a cop under the best of conditions, especially in a city as corrupt as the Big Easy. In the midst of this apocalyptic nightmare, there were only 1500 police in the entire city, and a lot of them have acted as genuine heroes. Thursday, one of the reporters on CNN talked about being on one of the evac helicopters as they relieved five officers in east New Orleans.

All five had been awake for four days. Three thousand people were holed up in a very small area, with several armed gangs roaming around, and there was no one else to protect these people. Ninety-six hours, with six hundred people relying on each one of them, and they held it together. They held off the gangs and didn't leave until the last people were evacuated.

But Paul Bremer gets the Presidential Medal of Freedom...

Oh, well. At least Bush had to endure the most awkward helicopter ride of his life.