06 September 2005


Approx. 1000 refrugees from New Orleans are in Colorado today. 1000 people with no homes, no jobs...

I gave money but thought that I could do more. Volunteers are needed like crazy to help serve food, organize donations, answer phones etc. etc.

This weekend I am working a couple 4 hour shifts serving food for the salvation army. I called the Salvation Army at 303-866-9280 and also the Metro Volunteers at 303-282-1234. You have to attend an orientation meeting before you can volunteer with the Salvation Army. I am going this Friday, September 9th. There are multiple classes between 4-6pm that day.

Call if you are interested and living in Colorado. Invite your friends and family and make a little event of it.

If you are somewhere else, call your local red cross/charity of your choice and see what you can do to help out. Not everyone can afford to give money, so do what you can...but do something


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ExBF said...

Kudos for doing something...maybe there's hope for humanity yet...