10 November 2005

Dangerous Vapor

I am sitting at home listening to music and pondering a spin of the old DVD player now that I know it isnt broken (thanks again Aussie).

"Bird bird bird...i know you are a lazy fuck," you may be thinking to yourself, "but surely you arent ditching work and blogging about it are you?"

OH heavens no, and dont call me shirley (just for you K).

Today we got two reverse 911 calls. The first, from the Lafayette Police Department said something about capturing the fugative and that we were all clear. Umm...okay. The second, from the Boulder Police Department, told us that we had to evacuate because we were in the 2sq mile evac area. Reno started singing "Highway to the Danger Zone." It was good times. Seems there was some sort of hazmat issue up the road at the IBM plant.

Needless to say, free day off baby!

I went to lunch, bought two CD's (I highly recommend them both, Wolf Parade (which I remember hearing about somewhere) and The Magic Numbers ~thanks for the turn on to them both Slim!~), and am now happily sucking down an ice cold 90 shilling. Ahhh....solid.

There is hockey on tonight and things are looking great...


jen said...

No fair!! We want a free day off, too! Signed, JAS and JAR

Jackie said...

Also, do Sharpie fumes and the fumes from trucks sitting outside the back of the lab count as "dangerous vapors"? If so, I need a day off too.