22 November 2005

That One Person...

There are all kinds of people in my life. 
Each of them serves a purpose.  Each of them gives me something that I need.  That is what your friends do, they each give you something you need and in turn, you give to them. 
There are the people I talk to when I am feeling blue because they make me laugh and make me see that I am really an okay person.  There are the people you go to see chick movies with.  There are the people that I go shopping with.  People that I talk to when I need a slap in the face and a kick in the ass.  All kinds....
Each serves a purpose and each means a lot to me, even if I dont share it enough.
Last night, at 3am, while I was laying awake and having trouble sleeping I talked to the person who helps me relax.  The person who puts me at ease.  Thanks for that.
~Tweet Tweet~

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