03 November 2005

The Sickness Rage

Here i am....in pain but making some noodles because birdy has to eat and take meds. The best way to ignore the pain? Blog! Yes, soon you will all see that blogging actually adds years to your life. Dont believe me? Ummm....i have no catchy come back to that.

Two Minutes Hate
Okay...so i have been catching a lot of flack for this so called "bird flu" Let me just say right now that I am not the bird responsible for all the sickness in Asia. In fact, I've never even been there! But now, i start to hear things out of our own country. Things that kinda scare me. This came in just today, "Dealing with bird flu: no kissing birds"

WHAT? That's just mean! I wont hurt you, I promise! (Unless you're into that kinda thing and then we can talk)

Really though...i am harmless...mostly....come on....pucker up!!! What are ya Chicken?

HAHAHA went the Bird

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