27 March 2006

Airport Fun

Where is my rage?

Happy Cesar Chavez day to all you folks in Texas, Arizona and Colorado (the only three states that really recognize it). Have yourself some grapes and speak some espaƱol why dont ya?

Some quick updates, i have dropped back to second in my hockey league but I must say, am still really happy. Only a couple more weeks until the final results. Cheer on Satan for me will you? Not that satan, this one.

Also, while finally cleaning out my car I found my license. What a pain in the ass...

Sklimps returned from the airport yesterday and, like a good sister, i went to pick him up. Anyone who knows the Bird, knows that I love the airport-despite my unending hatred for the actual act of flying. If you need a ride to or from let me know and I will pick you up and all i will ask for is a lovely ~cheese~ gift from your destination. Anyway, when i pick someone up from the airport I like to park and go inside. It is easy enough to time it so that you only spend the $2 bucks for an hour of parking. Waiting for someone at the gate (or at DIA-that goofy piss inducing fountain) is the best.

The people watching at the aiport is the absolute cats meow (what the hey?). God, if I could I would just spend an afternoon watching people. Everyone is happy because they are on vacation, terribly sad because someone died, or annoyed because they are working and just trying to get to their job/return home. I spent most of my time watching two people while i was there yesterday. A man holding flowers waiting for someone. I was hoping to see them meet but I was distracted by a woman walking around the airport carrying 15 flower and heart shaped balloons (animal balloon style). She had a dog with her, i assume a seeing eye dog but she wasnt handicapped so I didnt get it. She was pacing back and forth, smacking people in the head with the balloons. It was good times.

Here is a photo I took while waiting.

And here at Baggage Claim #4
I have always wanted to ride one of these things...

My brother was telling me about his trip back. He said that they sent his carry-on through the x-ray machine three times at the SF airport. We couldnt figure out what the hell he had in there until he got home and pulled out this...

A frozen loaf of bread my sister told Sklimps to take with him. I am surprised that they didnt pull out the old rubber gloves if you know what I mean (and I think you do).

Alright...time to get out of here.

Have a great remaining monday and without knowing why wish me luck tomorrow.

~Tweet tweet

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Anonymous said...

you didn't mention the old bastard and his old wife that fell down the escalator - funny stuff