08 March 2006

Brush With Crazy

Everyday in my life is a brush with crazy...

but today, today was different.

Mario and I were walking back from the Chipotle after lunch, headed back to the big ol' pie wedge. As we were staggering back, I noticed a nice looking older woman in front of us. She was still ~200 feet away when she kind of stopped and moved to the edge of the sidewalk. She was wearing a coat/poncho a hat, gloves, and a scarf. She looked pleasent, clean, and sober.

As mario and i draw closer she leans into our path and looks at me. "Have fun spying on Americans," she says, "I was watching you do it earlier." And with that, she passes us and continues walking.

Sure, there are crazy people everywhere but this lady looked normal. She looked like my history advisor in college. Sweet and nice. I spent 15min trying to figure out what i had done wrong.

I guess crazy comes in all kinds of skin.


1 comment:

Jackie said...

Did this happen in Boulder? Because if so, you shouldn't be surprised. ;D