01 March 2006

She'll Be Comin 'Round the Mountain When She Comes...

There is porn in my hotel room. Not just one channel, three channels. It wasnt there the night before last; three channels of porn isnt something you forget about.

I didnt watch much (really being alone and watching tons of porn in farmington is just sad) but i did see just enough to again wonder why all men in porns are ugly. Mullets and bad teeth. If they arent ugly they are all the same kind of "attractive." Men with no body hair, greased up, big chests and a short cropped hair cut. They make faces like WWF wrestlers while having sex. They are frat guys without their stripey button up shirts and they are the complete opposite of attractive to me. Where are the nerdy, somewhat geeky pornstars? Where is the Ed Norton of skin flicks?

The other exciting news is that Birdy is coming home to roost. Not really understanding the complete meaning of the phrase, I cant tell you if it is a good thing or a vaguely threatening thing. Either way it is happening...this friday and I must say, I can hardly wait.

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