27 February 2006

The Sights...

Just a quick look at life in Farmington:
Note-all these photos were taken with my phone...

After running out of oil and gas wells, they stuck me on tracing feature maps.

After eight hours of that i was ready for a rest. I headed to Shiprock.
Why you ask? To see the rock that looks like a ship of course.

From there I headed to the Four Corners. I had been before but it was still as thrilling as i remember. Can you feel the sarcasam? Seriously, this place was so dead.

Also, i like these mirrors in case you are thinking about buying me something.

Sunday, Thunderpussy and I headed over to Chaco Canyon for a hike. Chaco, as you may or may not know, is a true mystery of the archaeological world. I really cant do it justice here but check out the Chaco Culture National Historic Park website for more information.

TP, and Seamus (her lovely pup) and i had a great hike on the 5.4 mile Pueblo Alto loop (highly recomended as there was hardly anyone around).

The trail takes you on top of the mesa above the sites, like Pueblo Bonito and Chetro Ketl, pictured here.

On top of the mesa you get to see Chacoan roads, ladders, pecked basins etc. You also get to see Pueblo Alto and New Alto. New Alto was, as the name suggests, newer.

Chaco has a lot of pottery and lithics lying around still. Before you hike on any trail you have to fill out a permit that provides the NPS with all your personal information. This is to prevent collecting of these artifacts. It seems to work. I was very pleased to see how many people had found neato pottery sherds and had just placed them on the roomblocks for others to see rather then placing them in their pockets. Very nice...

I took a couple of photos of myself but this is how they turned out...

yikes...anyone else seen The Omen?

Whelp...there you go kiddos. My weekend in Farmington.

Back to work today where my hopes of going into the field were dashed and instead i resigned myself to filling out excel spreadsheets. I leave this friday.


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