23 February 2006

Land of Enchantment

If your idea of "Enchantment" is meth busts and dui's then Farmington is for you.

This town is a hole. No doubt about it. Archaeology takes you to a lot of crappy places (dont be fooled by those slick National Geographic pieces...) but so far, for me...farmington is the worst. I cant tell if it is really that bad or just my bad attitude.

I can tell you that the Motel 6 in Farmington is horrible. Some drunk guy at my door at 2am. Thunderpussy waking up (at 4ish) to a police bust in the room above. Yesterday we were both treated to some loud sex (my neighbors) and a drunken late night fight (TP's neighboors). Ahh...Farmington. Where hope goes to die.

Today we have settled into the managers apartment at the La Quinta Inn. I like La Quinta. They saved my butt in Tucson once. This is an honest to god apartment with a kitchen (TP can cook!! Lucky me...), a bedroom, cable and wireless. I am watching curling as i write this and am very excited about it.

The work, while helpful to my co-workers, is less then inspiring. My eyes are fried from staring into the lighting table all day. Who let those people map hundreds of burned rock middens??

This weekend i plan on checking out Chaco, the four corners, and Shiprock. Oh yes, soon i shall upload lovely phone photos of my feet in four states. Feel the enchantment.

For now...enjoy this photo of something i drew to make me happy.

And this photo of one of the only things in Farmington that has entertained me.

Pancake Alley...can Pankcake Services be far behind?


K said...

hey.... I KNOW someone in Farm Town...... Want me to hook you up with BLUEYES!!?!?!?


Bird said...

Birdy is already "hooked up" but if you think this blueyes will buy me beers and entertain me then hook away K.

Also, tell your pal that I am sorry he is living in Farmington.

Anonymous said...

you only have 2 feet so how do you plan to stand in 4 states???

yeah, yeah...I get it...