01 February 2006


Do you ever just feel like a big ol' socially inept dork?

For someone who feels like they can communicate pretty well, this just drives me batty.

I suppose we all have days-going on what feels like a week-of this. Rest assured my little friends that it will get better. And if you happen to come into contact with me and think, "Dang that bird isnt very friendly..." understand that I am just off my kilter. More so then ususal.

As an aside; why the hell does it seem like my sesame chicken glued to the bottom of my bowl. Seriously, screw epoxy, just use the sesame goop that comes from the CH Asian Cafe.


Jackie said...

I *am* a big 'ol socially inept dork LOLOL ;D

And I don't know if this will make you feel better or not, but I don't think you are. :)

Anonymous said...

no, she is