03 February 2006


It feels strange to interupt my serious blog with something like this but I cant resist.

I never really knew how much i liked donkeys until a co-worker,Mario, expressed his love of them. Donkeys really are cute!

Thunderpussy just printed out an application for adopting wild horses and burros from the BLM and gave it to him. This gave us all a good laugh (what you ask? Why yes, my boss is in India...how did you know?). Did you know that the once you've adopted your burro you cant brand it? And, if your burro dies within 6 months of adoption you get a new one, FREE! Wow...

So that led me to ask Mario about donkeys and how much space you need for one. As i was googling the answer (yes, i did install it on my computer-all by myself) I came across this website.

Miniature Donkeys!! Oh god I want one! Check out the For Sale and if you think your brain can handle the cuteness then look at the nursery link.

Holy Mother of God they are so fuckin cute!! God be buggered that's a big ass fajita plate!

Also, just so you know. I will miss you Freddie but i understand.


J said...

Wow, you guys have Google on your computers?

Anonymous said...

thanks bird...now I want a little baby burro...thank god they are either sold or not for sale!!!
but I now I have a tiny jackass on my desktop!!!