03 February 2006

Secret Rage

Space is neat. Some uber geeky space stuff is going on and really, i couldnt be more happy about it. Read here about SuitSat-1, a disembodied spacesuit circling the earth. I, for one, shall be either staying up very late tonight or getting up very early tomorrow morning to check it out. Find yourself a ham radio or police scanner and tune in.

Two Minutes Hate
My rage is no secret, the title actually refers to an article about Colorado inmates who's locations are being kept secret for their own saftey. One such inmate, the shitbag of a human, Brent Brents. (as a quick aside...all you parents out there with John Johnsons and Peter Petersons, see what happens when you curse your child with the same first and last name??)

For those not in the know or not living in Colorado (hey there squirt!) Brents terrorized Denver Neighborhoods this time last year with sexual assults on 14 women and children. He was recently sentenced to 1500 years in prision, but I think they shoulda killed the mother fucker. Whooo...that sounded harsh but I dont take it back.

As part of Brents guilty plea, he asked to serve his time out of state. "In a brief telephone interview Thursday, Brents said he does not want anyone to know where he is because he is afraid for his life."

Oh well.....kiss my pooper you low-life sack of skin. 'Oh, i am Brent Brents and i am brave enough to brutally beat and rape an 85 year old grandmother and her two 11 year old granddaughters but I am scared of being killed in prision."

So, if you are reading the article you see that a white supremacy prison gang that Brents was associated with has "threatened to kill him when he returned to prison because of the nature of his crimes." Yeah, so now I find myself in a place where i am cheering on a white supremacy prision gang. I mean, how fucking sick do you have to be for a prision gang to say, "Whoa man, that's outta line."

All of this led me to thinking about treatment for prisioners. I think that, often times treatment works. However, with sex offenders, i dont buy it. I dont know why i think others can be rehabilitated and sex offenders can't but for some reason it just doesnt seem possible to me. The statistics arent there for it to me, but maybe that is because we just havent spent money on actually trying to help these people. Maybe the idea is so rage inducing that I would rather they be locked up forever...

Check out these links and tell me what you think.
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