10 February 2006

Bits and Pieces

We just got back from field work in Colorado Springs (one whole day early due to snow and our general ass-kickingness...) and i thought i would talk about some things that popped into my head while I was gone.

How come no one waves anymore? There was a time when, if you slowed down to let someone get in your lane or squooshed someone across the crosswalk in front of your car that you would get a little wave. I still wave but it seems like I am the only one anymore. Sure, sometimes it is a sarcastic wave but mostly it is genuine. When I do get a little wave of thanks, it makes me smile and stress less about the stupid truck i am driving and the fact that boulder hasnt plowed their freakin roads.

Mario, TP and i were eating in the springs on Tuesday. Mario gets up to use the restroom and comes back laughing. "You know those toliet seat covers they have in the stalls? On one in the men's room someone has written 'Free Cowboy Hats'" Ahh...TP and i immediatley look for a sharpie to do the same in the womens restroom. See, I dont mind graffiti if it's entertaining. Like Pictures Of Walls. That is a nice waste of time.

Most of the area we were surveying was private land. We came upon one house, an abandoned salt box that maybe dates to the late 1800's. Trash scattered everywhere. Abandoned vehicles, couches, bed springs, stove parts, boats, trailers, junk...everywhere. Later we find out the house was a meth lab. The police busted it last spring and we arent supposed to go anywhere near it. Or touch anything near it. Oh yes, thanks for the warning everyone.

Why is this winter so goddamned windy? Really, if I wanted to live in Cheyenne I would move on up there. For god sakes...what happened to the snow?** Jeez man!!

My ankle is wanky. Not the ankle but the achilles tendon. It is squeaky sounding. I cant really describe it but if you see me, ask and I will let you feel it. It ached a bit over the course of the survey but really, i think what made it worse was the goddamn grass covered animal holes that i nearly stepped into.

If i had a cheesy "Dances With Wolves" name it would be "Scares the Rabbits." I scared at least three bunnies and four jack rabbits while tromping through the prairie.

Sadly, there are reports and tables calling my name.

Tweet tweet

Oh, there it is.

PS This last post was so bad that I came in here to tell you all that I know...i know it is bad but I am sleepy so let it go eh?

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this will make you feel better:
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