20 March 2007

12 Signs You May Be a Criminal

...According to Cesare Lombroso (19th Century Italian Physician and founder of "criminal anthropology")
1.   enormous jaws
2.   high cheek bones
3.   prominent superciliary arches
4.   solitary lines in the palms
5.   extreme size of the orbits
6.   handle-shaped ears found in criminals, savages and apes
7.   insensibility to pain
8.   extreme acute sight
9.   tattooing
10. excessive idleness
11. love of orgies
12. the irresponsible craving of evil for its own sake, the desire not only to extinguish life in the victim, but to mutilate the corpse, tear its flesh and drink its blood.


I dont know about you but the last one kinda seemed like a no brainer right?

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