12 March 2007


Newt Gingrich recently admitted to having an affair while pushing for Clinton's impeachment during the Monica Lewinsky incident. While this isnt really news since it was suspected at the time, I got very angry.

There are a couple of things I just cant stand; abuse of kids and animals, Dominick Hasek, and this holier-then-thou bullshit that "christians" pull all the time.

Now, before I go any further...I have no problem with christians or any one religion. Sure, I am bitter in my own way but what you do is for you and if it helps you in whatever way more power to you. (that's a lotta you's) I have a couple of friends who are christians and i really respect them. They are more then willing to answer all my silly questions and never try and convert me. They have a relationship with god and it is theirs alone.

I can perhaps illustrate my point better with a story. In the 'edge, where I went to high school, there were 10+ churches for a town just under 2000. Like so very many of us, my parents were divorced and I lived with just one parent. I always got the pity thing from all my friends parents. Good christians who have been married for 20+ years. Oh poor Bird, she only has her father around. It must be so hard...it must be so sad...she must be so messed up. Turns out, while my parents had their issues (lots and lots of issues) my friends religious parents had even more. Alcoholism, affairs, crazy unhappiness. Of my close pals, I am the child of divorce and I am also the one who escaped high school without a child, a marriage, a drug problem (mostly), a horribly low self esteem (again, mostly). The point is...I am not a christian and I am not perfect but I am doing just fine.

However, all day long we are bombarded by those who wish to convert. The worst of all these are those political types. The republicans who run on the platform of "Family Vlaues". Guys like...oh, lets say Mark Foley. I am sure you remember the Rep from Florida who left the capitol in late September after he admitted to sending sexually explicit messages to an underage male page. Ahh, yes...Family Values. These are the people that I dislike so much. These are the people who will stand up and scream about how homosexuality is immoral and in the meantime stop off at their mistress' house for a blow job.

Guys like Ted Haggard make me sick. They preach about values and about faith and they judge others unworthy and then, you see that they have been living a lie...right in front of everyone. Yet still they judge. The New Life Church says that they support Haggard and his 12 step "pray the gay away" program (that's Q's little gem not mine fyi). The hypocrisy of it all just kills me.

That is why Gingrich's admission to Lou Dobbs (another complete douchebag who you know has some skeletons) made me so angry. The whole lewinsky situation was crazy out of control...and here is Newt, trying to take down a president while getting his knob bobbed by some collegue.

I dont mean to say that all republicans are liars or cheats. Trust me, dems are no better. I guess it is just the GOP's turn to look like a fool. I am sure that in the next several months we will get our chance.

Also, can you imagine a president named Newt?

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