08 March 2007

Estoy Apesadumbrado

I know that i should be blogging but honestly, i dont feel like I have anything worthy of writing about.
I read a story about this woman in colorado springs who woke up from a vegetative state after 6 years.  She was awake for 3 days and then slipped back.  It seems that she does this over and over again, though usually she isnt awake for very long.
The story said she saw her 12 year old daughter and 3 grandchildren.  Can you imagine that?  I mean, on both sides.  For the family you just have to wait and see when she wakes up again and then get as much time in as possible.  For the woman, she just wakes up to a whole new world.  Living a life in leaps and bounds.
It sounds like a great book idea and if someone writes it I expect some sort of compensation, dig?

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