14 March 2007

Bathroom Stalker

The Fast Pee lady made an appearance today. I was washing my hands when she came in but I didnt look over (i hate the, "lets chat while we empty our bladders" thing. I end up sitting next to a chatterbox [get it get it?] and having a talk and then pee after they leave.) All i noticed was a blur of brown. She seemed tall. As I was struggling with the paper towels i heard it...the machine gun sound.

Damn! Why hadnt I looked at her/his face! Curse my pee-issues!

I decided that lurking around outside the bathroom and waiting for the person to emerge and then screaming "AHHHAA!!", might not be the best idea.

I have narrowed it down a bit though. The Pee doesnt work in my office and since there is only one other company on our floor I cant imagine it will be much longer until I finally figure it out. I can hardly wait.

Sleepy Bird

PS Hey Angelina, there are plenty of kids in this country that no one wants to adopt either. How about picking up one of them too?


Hercules Rockefeller said...

You have unisex bathrooms? What the fuck?

Bird said...

How Ally Mcbeal of us, you must be thinking. No we do not have a unisex bathroom. My point is, I am unable to tell if The Pee is a woman or a man. I mean, can women really make that sound with their junk? I know I cant..trust me, I've tried.